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Add a Co-host

One unique feature of Lovecast is that it lets you invite a co-host for your virtual event. Your co-host can manage your event in the same way that you can. This includes changing event details and starting the livestream from their phone (instead of using yours).

Do I need a co-host?

Inviting a co-host is completly optional!

However, if you plan to hand over your phone to someone else, we still advise adding them as a co-host in the app so that they can get familiar with the Lovecast app & your event ahead of time.

For the Host

Invite a co-host

Navigate to Manage > Invite co-host in the Lovecast app, then press the “+ Add” button to enter the co-host's name & email.

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Once you've added a co-host, they will recieve instructions via email to download the app and to log-in using the email you had specified earlier.

How many co-hosts can I invite?

There's no limit!

Can my co-host and I go live at the same time?

Yes, you can! This feature is included in some of our packages

Change co-host

  1. Navigate to the Manage tab.
  2. Remove the co-host by clicking the “trash can 🗑️” icon next to the current co-host’s name.
  3. Confirm your decision
  4. Follow the earlier instructions to add a new co-host

For the Co-Host

Co-host login

For a co-host to locate your event, they must sign up using the same email you entered for them. If they can not see the event after signing up, please double-check their account email.

Co-host testing

A co-host can also do a test streaming the same way a host does.