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Lovecast Basics

Lovecast is a platform that lets you easily host immersive virtual celebrations, such as a wedding.

The Lovecast platform has two parts: the host app (i.e., the Lovecast app) and a guest website. When you schedule an event in the Lovecast host app, we automatically create a unique guest website for the event (example).

From the app, you can start a high-definition stream the website for guests to easily watch live! No app download or login is needed for the guests.

First Steps

  1. Download Lovecast app from the App Store/Play Store. Then just fill in a few simple event details to get started!
For co-hosts

If you are invited to perform a livestream for an existing event, you can simply sign up with your invited email to acces the event.

  1. Customize your event (e.g. update cover photo) and test out livestreaming.
  2. Once ready, share your Lovecast website link with all your guests!
  3. When the day of your event has arrived, press the “start” button to go live

Test livestreaming

Lovecast automatically creates 2 websites for your event: a test website and a real guest website. This way, you can freely test out streaming without worrying about your “behind-the-scenes” showing up on the real guest website. Start a test stream by finding the testing flow in the app:

new test

You can learn more here.


The Lovecast App automatically saves the recorded video of your celebration to both to your phone and your website. You’ll be able to re-watch your special moments over and over again. You can learn more here.

Invite Guests

All you need to do is share your Lovecast link with your guests. You can email, text, or share the link via your social media. You can also add it to your wedding website, e-Invite cards, or even print out the link on physical invite cards.


Lovecast's free package lets you stream for a limited time per event. Our premium package offers all-day streaming and other cool features such as uploading welcome videos, a virtual guestbook, and much more!

Desktop App

If you wish to manage your event using your computer, we have a website version of the Lovecast host app for you.