Add A Co-host
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Add A Co-host

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One unique feature of Lovecast is that it lets you invite a co-host for your virtual event.
Your co-host can manage your event in the same way that you can. This includes changing event details and starting the livestream from their phone (instead of using yours).

Do I need a co-host?

Inviting a co-host is completly optional!

However, if you plan to hand over your phone to someone else, we still advise adding them as a co-host in the app so that they can get familiar with the Lovecast app & your event ahead of time.

For the Host

Invite a co-host

Navigate to Manage > Invite co-host in the Lovecast app, then press the “+ Add” button to enter the co-host's name & email.


Once you've added a co-host, they will recieve instructions via email to download the app and to log-in using the email you had specified earlier.

How many co-hosts can I invite?

There's no limit!

Can my co-host and I go live at the same time?

Currently, we only support one live camera at time. If you're looking to achieve multiple camera angles and catagorize yourself a video enthusiats, you can check out on our article on "Streaming from a computer" for finer grain control.

I can't see the co-host testing (or vise-versa)

The host and co-host both have unique test links. This is so that your testing is private even from eachother! So just make sure you send eachother your testing links if you'd like to view the results.

Change co-host

  1. Navigate to the Managetab.
  2. Remove the co-host by clicking the “trash can 🗑️” icon next to the current co-host’s name.
  3. Confirm your decision
  4. Follow the earlier instructions to add a new co-host

For the Co-Host

Co-host login

For a co-host to locate your event, they must sign up using the same email you entered for them. If they can not see the event after signing up, please double-check their account email.

Co-host testing

A co-host can also do a test streaming the same way a host does. For the same event, Lovecast gives the host and co-host each a unique test website. This way, neither of them will accidentally see each other's test clips.

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